About Glynn

Glynn Dilbeck, MA is a psychotherapist in private practice in Nashville, Tennessee and is licensed in the state of Tennessee as a Senior Psychological Examiner (PE1725). He earned a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University and has worked in in a variety outpatient and corporate settings with adults, children and adolescents. His career began in 1991 when he was hired by a local mental health center to run an early intervention program for youth. He was a strong advocate for “at risk” children and adolescents and was/is all about protecting the weak and vulnerable. Glynn later got the opportunity to work in as an Employee Assistance Professional for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. During his tenure at Cracker Barrel, he gained experience in working with psychological trauma in the workplace and the psychological trauma related to natural disasters. The culmination of his life and professional experiences ultimately led him to the decision to enter private practice in 2008 while on a Canoeing Trip with his son on the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. He has extensive training and expertise in the field of trauma and addiction. During his early career he engaged his younger clientele through a wide variety of interactive, creative and playful therapeutic techniques, which has integrated well with modern day breakthroughs in brain science and what we now understand as the benefit and advantage of using “right-brained” experiential, and somatic psychotherapies with adult populations as well. This blend of psychotherapies helps clients to access and integrate all parts of their brain in the healing process.

Glynn is probably best known in the Nashville therapeutic community as a “sex addiction therapist” but he views himself as first and foremost as a therapist who specializes in treating psychological trauma. He feels strongly that the key to successful recovery from addiction is to address underlying trauma. He views addiction as often developing as a maladaptive coping mechanism to unresolved trauma. Today Glynn integrates a wide variety of techniques that blend beautifully with BrainSpotting, which is a powerful “brain-body based” relational therapy that uses neurobiology to access and heal the trauma and/or difficulties that a person is/has been experiencing.

Glynn has been married to Sandy for over 30 years and has two grown children and is proud to call himself a grandfather. When not at work, he relaxes through hiking/backbacking, and beekeeping.