Glynn Offers the following services

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Intensives for Individuals and Couples

Intensives are sessions that are longer than just your 50 minute sessions. It might involve a three hours, six hours, eight or or even an sixteen hour intensive (spread out over a couple days). This allows the individual or the couple to accomplish more and gain more healing in a shorter period of time.  For example,  If a married couple is having an acute marital problem, I might give them the opportunity to go through an intensive rather than to get their care 60 minutes at a time spread over 18 weeks. This couple can come in and they can get a lot of their needs met and lot of their work behind them just by doing this intensive.  The same holds true for an individual who might be experiencing an acute trauma reaction.  I might schedule a half day or whole day intensive that will allow the client to move through the trauma reaction more quickly and speed up her or his healing process.